Oceane nasstrom oceanenasstrom cakewalkfront
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Oceane nasstrom valeriewalk

Valerie - Red Panda

Oceane nasstrom valeriefancywalk2
Oceane nasstrom snotkid2

Snot Kid - Fennec Fox

Oceane nasstrom chef2

Chéf - Giraffe

Oceane nasstrom antagonist

Kitchen Maid - Ferret

Oceane nasstrom alpacka

Fancy Lady - Alpaca

Oceane nasstrom guard2

Guard/Butler - Black Bear

Oceane nasstrom cakewalkwireframe
Oceane nasstrom toonshaderfx

ShaderFX Toon Shader settings

''A long time ago, in an anthropomorphic kingdom, there was a lowly kitchen maid named Valerie. This kingdom was ruled by a young prince and one day, Valerie was given the crucial task of adding the final ingredient to his majesty's cake.''

''Ignorantly, Valerie added nuts instead of chocolate. As soon as the cake left the kitchen she became aware of the prince's serious nut allergy. Valerie had to stop the cake from reaching the dining hall by any means and thus the cakewalk begun.''

Cakewalk is a 3rd person 2D point & click game. It was developed in January 2016 by me and 10 other students at The Game Assembly over the course of 8 weeks, half time.

My main contributions: All Character designs, modeling, UV-mapping and texturing all characters and pick-up items, Art Direction and menus.

It being my 2nd game project at TGA I was fairly new at 3D modeling. But I wouldn't let that hinder me and as a big fan of Studio Ghibli; I had hopes of creating something that resembled their art style. I was limited to only use Maya for modeling and Photoshop for texturing. The characters are rendered in Maya using a ShaderFX toon shader provided by a former Technical Artist teacher at TGA. Tris count was of no concern since the animations would be pre-rendered sprite sheets. The wonderful animations were done by the talented Emil Lindfors. Please, enjoy!

Game download page: https://www.thegameassembly.com/games/cakewalk-made-by-the-student-studio-dollhead-studios